About The French Antique Shop



Our French Antique Journey


Looking back at travel journals, our story begins on a 2004 French vacation. On a hot summer day in the week leading into Christmas we depart Melbourne with nothing but hand luggage and a list of the best marches aux puces (flea and antique markets) in France. A few weeks later we returned with 59.7 kg of collectibles in the hold of the plane, just below the 60 kg maximum thanks to our portable and very accurate travel scales. Unpacking on our return was not like the experiences of many who have spent a few weeks in the best places of France. Not one new piece of clothing; instead our suitcases were filled with treasures from the marches aux puces. Some 15 years later, each single treasure collected on that first journey and every annual trip since has been lovingly displayed in our home.

Journeying in a New Direction

Since the first trip and falling in love with all things French, we have pondered where to live and what to do in the next phase of our life… would we go and live in France and set up a B&B for Australians wanting to share our experience, live and blend into either rural France or the wonder of apartment living in Paris. During the winter months of 2018 and reflecting on our most recent trip to Bordeaux, St Emillion, Perigueux and Paris, we had a life-changing epiphany. This meant approaching our favourite French Antique and Home Décor store in Carlton to explore any local opportunities that would help fulfil our Francophile dream.  And as the saying goes, the rest is history.


The Journey has Become the Destination

As proud new owners of The French Antique Shop at 290 Rathdowne Street, we have an exciting new location to continue our French antique journey. We intend to build on the French theme and 20 years of trading success achieved by both Julie and Erik who ran Cote Provence and prior to that Bernice with French and Co. Achieving this means we will begin importing directly from France to complement the stock supplied from our local dealers and in time expand our product range to include many new unique and quality items made in traditional ways.


We Invite You to Join Our Journey

As Rathdowne Street locals for over 13 years, we have always felt connected to Europe on our regular walks to the Rathdowne St Village. Just seeing the tree lined streets, outdoor cafes and fine restaurants takes us back to the grand boulevards of France that originally captured our imagination back in 2004. Today, we are thrilled to be able to finally say bienvenue to friends new and old that share our passion for all things antiquely French.